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 August 4, 2015

Hear from two government leaders who know they have their work cut out in finding a replacement for Mitsubishi. Bloomington Republican State Representative Dan Brady is a member of the ad hoc task forced charged with finding a new company for the plant. You’ll also hear from Normal town councilman Kevin McCarthy.


August 4, 2015

Normal to start two-year comprehensive-plan process

NORMAL — The McLean County Regional Planning Commission will be leading the town in a two-year comprehensive planning process to help shape the future.


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August 3, 2015


Comprehensive Plan Scope and Proposal Presentation to Normal Town Council   

MCRPC Executive Dir.: Vasudha Pinnamaraju

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September 17,2015

The Town of Normal is following its twin to the south and developing a new comprehensive plan. The plan, when finished, will guide the Town for the next two decades. 

Listen to Town Planner Mercy Davision and Executive Director of McLean County Regional Planning Commission Vasu Pinnamaraju talk with Mike McCurdy.






October 4, 2015

Normal asks students to weigh in on town plans

By Susanna Doehler

The Town of Normal and McLean County are asking Illinois State University students to take part in planning the future of Normal. As Normal’s Comprehensive Plan begins to form, students are being encouraged to voice their opinions about what they want in their town.

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